Chew Love Dog Treats
Chew Love Dog Treats
Chew Love Dog Treats
Chew Love Dog Treats
Chew Love Dog Treats

Chew Love Dog Treats

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The beginning of our Chew Love journey...

We all know how eating healthier can be a gateway to a sharper mind, a stronger body, and living a better life. We are a proud dog parents ourselves,  who love the joy that dogs bring into our humble lives, my wife and I began to learn so much more about which natural ingredients are most suitable for dogs as a healthy choice. From the very first day together until now, our love and appreciation for dogs continue to grow every day, as we learn by caring for our dogs. We have spent the past three years proactive in our own research, making and testing various homemade dog treats. It has always been rewarding to see our two little furry family members enjoy our tasty treats, and be our best critics at the same time. We believe pets are in our lives with a purpose and there is no better way to show our gratitude for their unconditional love.

You see healthy, and your dog sees tasty

Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious dog treats; this mission is true to our love and gratitude for all dogs so that they may enjoy a healthier and happier long life, which will lead to happier moments for you and your dog.

Manufactured and handcrafted in Port Moody,  British Columbia, all of the ingredients for our tasty and healthy dog treats are locally sourced from the region’s most respected meat suppliers and farms. Each morsel is handcrafted and all-natural. We do not add any additives or preservatives; each treat is high in protein without any hormones or antibiotics. Fresh and flavorful, our products have been carefully formulated into refined varieties that’ll keep dogs interested, even if they’re used to a selective diet. 

We are very proud and excited to see how happy your dogs will be when they take the first bite of their soon-to-be favorite treat; it will be Chew Love! - “Healthy Dog, Happy Life


Coming from an event background we knew we wanted to make our store stand out and give our people more than just dog/cat food. We want your dog to get excited when they pull into the parking lot; we want YOU to get excited when you pull into the parking lot! We plan to offer mini events at our Cadboro Bay location when its safe to do so and in the mean time will offer the community some amazing art installations, dog vending machines you can hit up if we are closed and a free community dog wash!

happy customers

"thanks for spoiling us at the store today cant wait to come in again and shop!"

-Lauren, victoria BC