Organic Catnip & Silver Vine Blend Bag
Organic Catnip & Silver Vine Blend Bag
Organic Catnip & Silver Vine Blend Bag

Organic Catnip & Silver Vine Blend Bag

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Catnip & Silver vine - an amazing and power-packed blend of our Leaf & Flower catnip with powdered Silver vine. A double whammy! If the catnip does not tickle your cats fancy, the Silver vine will definitely do the trick. It is offered in a 1.25 oz. resealable bag with a toy marinating in all this yummy catnip just waiting to jump out and play with your cat! CrackerJack has nothing on us! Our Catnip & Silver vine blend can also be found as a part of our Superb Sampler Set and is always one of our best sellers. The Shady Cat Social Club offers various robust combinations of organic catnip & silver vine as part of our Feline Euphorics Collection. We offer the best quality, organic catnip grown here in the USA. Each variety we offer is grown outdoors in the ideal climate to ensure the greatest potency.


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