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The Day of The Dog

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Coming from an event background we knew we wanted to make our store stand out and give our people more than just dog and cat food.

We want your dog to get excited when they pull into the parking lot; we want YOU to get excited when you pull into the parking lot!

We offer mini events at our Cadboro Bay location, amazing art installations, dog vending machine you can hit up if we are closed and a free (warm water) community dog wash!

valet barking

Our version of curbside pickup! You can pull right up to a number of spots designated for our customers and we will load up your car for you!

As an added bonus - if your dog is with you, they get a FREE pupichino - drive through style!

AND free home delivery in the greater Victoria area. Shop safely from our extensive online store and have items delivered right to your door.

a legit neighborhood store
this is as local as it gets.