Shady Cat Shady Cat Fallen Comrades

Shady Cat Shady Cat Fallen Comrades

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Oh, our Fallen Comrades- possibly the Shady Cat family's most beloved product. These are the buds that were shook loose or fell off of the stem when trimming and packing the Sublime Buds. The Fallen Comrades might not have "completed their mission" but know that they are just as potent and honorable as the other fellows that made it. As they don’t look quite as “pretty” as the buds in their whole form, we pack them up - as much as these adorable, glass, latching jars will hold- and offer them for a rockin' good price!


Coming from an event background we knew we wanted to make our store stand out and give our people more than just dog/cat food. We want your dog to get excited when they pull into the parking lot; we want YOU to get excited when you pull into the parking lot! We plan to offer mini events at our Cadboro Bay location when its safe to do so and in the mean time will offer the community some amazing art installations, dog vending machines you can hit up if we are closed and a free community dog wash!

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